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Bleach Relationship Chart by wildgirl903 Bleach Relationship Chart :iconwildgirl903:wildgirl903 1 0


Hwarang by Siguo Hwarang :iconsiguo:Siguo 90 12
I Need U {Chapter 1} [BTS Suga x Reader]
I had always liked her. Well, not always that way, but she was a pleasant sight to see in our normally bland environment. The “same old, same old” suddenly brightened up when V had run into her on the street. The story was, he’d almost knocked her down -being as 4D as he is, he’d spaced out thinking of who knows what- and, thankfully, caught her at the last second. He said she apologized profusely and shyly said she’d just moved into town. He answered her questions about directions, and gave her his number. We were all quite horrified when he told us this, because she might give the entire world his number and we’d be in for the biggest lecture EVER. Blatantly denying the accusation, Taehyung said she seemed like the type of person to keep secrets, and that she was also one of the most beautiful girls he has ever seen.
The next day we found out he was right. She was gorgeous, to be completely honest.
She had texted him and asked if he’
:iconfangirlfever22:fangirlfever22 47 6
Aizens evil scheme
Toshiro Hitsugaya sat silently on the wall watching the sun set as he had done countless times before, his mind yet again bussing with thoughts, thoughts of one person “Hinamori…” he whispered as he clenched his fists blaming himself for her injuries even though it was Aizen who inflicted them on her he still felt that it was his responsibility to protect her and he had failed, he sighed and looks down at his feet, everything seemed silent like time had stood still, suddenly his silence was disturbed as a small voice filled the air around him making him jump.
“ what are you doing sitting all alone?” Momo asked sitting next to him and smiling.
“ Momo” Toshiro smiled, somehow seeing his friend had just made his day “ I…I was just thinking” he added almost forgetting her question.
“Thinking…about what?” she asked, unable to wipe the smile of her face.
“Nothing important, you shouldn’t worry” he said hoping his
:iconhistu-x-hina:Histu-X-Hina 4 2
I Need U {Prologue} [BTS Suga x Reader]
Yoongi awoke quite late in the day. Not surprisingly, all the nights he’d spent working on his music had caught up to him, and last night’s break had been lengthened at his body’s wishes. Pillow lopsided and covers sloppily wrapped around him, he squinted his eyes in the sunlight let in by the narrow window. “Of course,” he thought as he realized he was in the one place the rays would be able to hit him. Lowly groaning, he rose from his bed and shuffled reluctantly towards the kitchen, stumbling through the door in his heavy sleep hangover and towards the refrigerator. He was surprised to see a note on it, and quickly read it over.
I bet it’s two in the afternoon when you’re reading this… Kekekekeke~”
Suga paused to glance at the clock, finding that it was, in fact, two. He continued, practically hearing J-Hope’s laugh echoing in the room. “Well, whatever you do, don’t eat. We
:iconfangirlfever22:fangirlfever22 38 2
Mistakes? (Jeon Jungkook X reader Fanfiction)
“Can you pick me up?” Jungkook’s familiar soft voice asked me.
I blinked at the ceiling as I adjusted the phone on my ear.
“Please (Y/N), I really need this favour.” He pleaded.
SERIOUSLY?! The first thing he says on calling me after 6 months is to pick him up? At 2 o’clock in the morning? What. The. Fudge.
I groaned as I rubbed my eyes.
“Are you coming, (Y/N)?” He asked with a ray of hope in his voice.
I let out a sigh as I was no longer asleep.
“Do you ever leave me with a choice?” I said, groggily. “Text me the address.”
“Really? You are coming? Thank you so much. (Y/N) !!” Jungkook said cheerfully.
“Hm. See you in a bit.” I replied as I wore my hoodie and took my car keys.
20 minutes later, I found myself pulling up in front of a club with music blaring loud enough to deafen people living 7 streets away.
To be honest, a part of me hated to bend. It didn’t wan
:icontheinnerloner:TheInnerLoner 8 2
Jungkook x Reader - Eat (oneshot/songfic)
So far, life was just dull. Nothing particularly interesting had happened, but nothing awful had happened either. Everything just seemed to be the same, as if time had just froze, as if your schedule was now set in stone.
Everyday you would attend class in the morning, after class you would go to your part time job at the convenience store, and everyday you would take the same bus route home. After that, everything was the same. You would watch re-runs of dramas, a couple new episodes from time to time whilst only occasionally getting up to grab a snack. The only thing that didn’t stay the same were your conversations with Jungkook. How he managed to find the time to give you a call let alone Skype was unknown to you, but you loved the time you spent taking with him; even if it was through a screen.
“I miss you.” You said through your phone as you watched a smile gently tug on his lips.
“I miss you too.” A small silence fell upon you. It was never awkward
:iconiceystarsparkle:iceystarsparkle 30 3
Jungkook, Bangtan BTS by dlazaru Jungkook, Bangtan BTS :icondlazaru:dlazaru 589 40
Why || Jeon Jungkook x Reader [DRABBLE]
A/N: This is, omg. I don't even know what I wrote. Jungkook's dabbing adventures at KCONNY16. Enjoy.
It's nowhere near as depressing as the title, I swear.
    “Kookie-ah, I’m sure you’ll be fine. They’ll love you no matter what you do. To be honest, they’ll probably cheer for you even if you sneeze,” (Y/n) smiled up at him since he kept on fidgeting around in the backstage room. “Now come on, you have five minutes till you guys are up on stage. Just relax, alright?”
    “A-alright… You’ll be watching me, right?” he cutely stuttered out.
    Nodding, she gave him a hug, making him relax with the soothing smell of her scent. Breaking apart, she turned to the rest of the boys and gave them a thumbs up. “You guys have been working hard. I’m positive that they’ll love you out there. You’ll do a great job, as always of course.” Yoongi, who
:iconthe-tomatoboss:the-TomatoBoss 44 5
Fallen Angels - BTS x Reader - AU - 1
Not far outside the secluded gates of your hometown lies a large mansion that was built alone upon the top of a steep hill. All your life the people around you said to never go there, not to even look at the building at the top of the hill. Everyone feared it, and during every foggy night they would board up their homes and pray.
Many a story had circulated the town as you grew up; mostly rumours and passing whispers, but all of them had one thing in common: the people who lived there. It was the home of House Bangtan, an extremely wealthy family of nobles, dating back as far as anyone could remember.
There were theories on the House and who could have been a part of it; groups of people speculated that there lived a vampire couple who only came out to feed once every hundred years, another group thought it belonged to a rich soldier and his family, all of them eventually isolating themselves inside and starving to death after the American revolution. The most popular of all the theori
:iconwulferious:Wulferious 13 0
BTS Rap Monster X Childhood friend! Reader-Soap
Bts Rap Monster x  childhood friend! reader - Soap
(I thought because this was based on real world people I would throw myself in here...there are also a few lines consern in the readers race. If they don't apply to you just skip over them! I'm sorry if you find that offensive I am trying to be as inclusive as I can in thus fanfiction.)
Think I just remembered something
I think I left the faucet running
"Hey, (Y/N)!" Your bestfriend Bada J called. In her hands was a white sign with your name printed on it In big bold letters.
You had just arrived in Seoul South Korea and you were meeting your old childhood friend Bada J at the airport.
How and why were you in South Korea? It's a simple story really. A few months ago you saw an add on a fan club's facebook page to enter a raffle to win a chance to meet your favorite band. At first you thought about not entering the contest, probably a million girls had entered and what were the chances you would win?
Bada J, being the ama
:iconjinxx-is-the-moon:jinxx-is-the-moon 17 1
I have flying monkeys... by Cor104 I have flying monkeys... :iconcor104:Cor104 60 11 Snowwhite by Mauau Snowwhite :iconmauau:Mauau 28 1 Alaika by Precia-T Alaika :iconprecia-t:Precia-T 721 15 Zelda sheet (commission) by Precia-T Zelda sheet (commission) :iconprecia-t:Precia-T 2,919 112 Vanessa Design (commission) by Precia-T Vanessa Design (commission) :iconprecia-t:Precia-T 1,669 36 Angel design - Daphne (commission) by Precia-T Angel design - Daphne (commission) :iconprecia-t:Precia-T 1,132 31


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Super Secret | LINE Webtoon
The boy next door, friends for life, is actually a werewolf!…

One of the best comics EVER! READ IT, the summary is short, but I guarantee you'll love it 😊♥
Bleach Relationship Chart
All credits go to Tite Kubo, but this is his relationship chart
Pink: love/affection
Yellow: friend
White: colleague
Blue: enemy
Red: blood-relative
Are you in any of these groups? This is a list of the less specifics
Are you in any of these groups? This is a list of the less specifics


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